To many companies, sustainability is a tick box, a necessary evil or a veneer of good intentions.

We take a different view and have made it an essential part of our business process, not just because many of our clients demand it, but because we genuinely care about the impact our work has on both local and global environments.

Our Sustainability Strategy:
Resource Efficiency and the Circular Economy

This strategy focuses our attention on how materials we use in procurement, design, manufacturing and installation can be repurposed when they have fulfilled their intended use. We work closely with our supply chain and clients to ensure wastage is practically non-existent. In doing so, we’re helping to consign the old fashioned production method of ‘Take, Make and Dispose’ to the history books through considered use of vital, finite resources. We also keep a keen eye on our carbon load and use a scorecard to measure on our performance on an on-going basis.


ISO 14001

Environmental Policy
FSC Procurement Policy
Ethical Trading Statement