Project Description:

Marcon collaborated with KANDOBLANC to create a bespoke plinth for the Maison’s inaugural object, AGA, unveiled at the prestigious Distiller’s One of One auction.

KANDOBLANC was founded by the visionary master blender, Dhavall Gandhi, to celebrate the confluence of contemporary art and whisky.

Working with DKG, Marcon brought their specialist joinery and solid surface expertise and precision engineering to ensure the plinth for this one-of-a-kind object was crafted to the highest standards.

The bespoke plinth seamlessly marries modern aesthetics with traditional elements. It was handcrafted in Corian and a solid walnut base with a CNC circular surface design, with solid brass details and signage inlays.  The engraved intricate metal brass accents add a touch of opulence to the overall design.