McDonald’s Reimage

Featured Project: McDonald’s South Shields
Project Description:

Marcon have completed 119 re-image projects over the last 5 years.

As one of the world’s leading restaurant chains, McDonalds are continually investing in the reimage of their stores.

Re-images enhance the capacity, efficiency, and overall operations of the restaurant, as well as providing a more comfortable environment for customers.

McDonald’s interiors now incorporated more muted tones and relaxed styling.  The fluorescent lighting has been replaced with more energy efficient and contemporary LED fittings.

Dining areas are reconfigured to accommodate various needs and more private seating areas are available. The introduction of “bar seating” creates an atmosphere for people to eat, and then stay and do work, or read.

The re-imagined stores also include contemporary graphics, timeless base materials, open floor plans and clean upgraded restrooms.

Drive-thrus are equipped with two speakers, reducing queuing and waiting times.

Additional features such as Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, upgraded point-of-sale technology, significantly reduces ordering time, and increases capacity.