Freedom Clothing

Project Description:

Not wanting to look like ‘more of the same’ our client opted for a store that has a feel of heritage.  The result is a mix of modern clean with raw jeanery, a look that creates a sense of intrigue.

First impressions are extremely important, so the shop front had to be special. Surrounded by granite tiles the large glass front with an enclosed wall both compliments the product and creates inquisitiveness to see what’s inside.

The interior of Freedom Clothing has two themes; Male & Female equals Raw & Romantic.  They wanted to create a distinct yet subtle difference between the two sexes in store.  This has been achieved by creating a men’s section styled with exposed ceiling & beams, a wall that has been built from reclaimed Cheshire brick, complemented by a parquet floor that was removed from the old local schoolhouse in Dromore.  This gives a raw rustic masculine feel. The main focal point is the jean arch in the center of the shop. Freedom Clothing’s passion is denim so everything else revolves around that.

The romantic female side of the store has a subtle curved ceiling; leather bound panels and luxury stainless steel pendants by Norm of Copenhagen. The flooring on this side has been created with saw cut oak that has been ammonia smoked and lime treated, giving depth of feel and warmth.

The whole shop has a relaxing airy feel, clean and fresh with just a hint of minimalism and is a breath of fresh air on the often repetitive high street.